Antler Damascus

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The flagship of Marttiini special knives!
The blade of the Marttiini Moose Antler Damascus knife is from stainless Damascus steel, where, by means of special technology two different top-grade steels are combined into 120 layers. The interlayering of the two different steels and the highly specialised machining bring out the beautiful pattern on the blade.

The handle of the knife is of Finnish moose antler bone and the ferrules are from cast bronze. The beautiful pattern on the blade is repeated on the ferrule at the end of the handle.

Marttiini Moose Antler Damascus knives are numbered by the production year, making each knife is a unique collector's item.

Each knife is delivered in an elegant wooden gift box.

Additional product information


Length of blade

10 cm

Total length

20 cm


Blade material

Damascus steel

Handle material

moose antler bone, bronze ferrules

Sheath material

leather, black



wooden gift box


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