A Hunter’s Knife

A Hunter’s Knife

Our hunting knives are developed with great attention to the user experience. Feedback from numerous experienced hunters has been transferred into the design and functionality of the knives. You can rely on your Marttiini knife in all situations. With a Marttiini on your belt, you can always be sure you made the right choice.

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Condor Drop-Point

Product no.: 185013 39.90

Condor Game Skinner

Product no.: 185014 43.90

Condor Gut Hook

Product no.: 185015 49.90

Martef Skinner

Product no.: 186024T 46.90

Martef Skinning Knife

Product no.: 378024T 59.90

Martef Big Game

Product no.: 390024T 59.90

Martef Carving Knife

Product no.: 935024T 46.90

Martef Skinner

Product no.: 186014T 46.90

Martef Carving Knife

Product no.: 935014T 46.90

Full Tang

Product no.: 350010 59.90

Condor Skinner

Product no.: 186014 39.90

Condor Classic

Product no.: 186015 39.90

Deluxe Skinner

Product no.: 167014 59.90

Deluxe Classic

Product no.: 167015 59.90

Deluxe Lynx Bronze

Product no.: 450012 77.90

Full Tang Curly Birch

Product no.: 350015 69.90