Whether you are a hiker, someone who enjoys the outdoors, a cook, a carpenter or all of the above, there is a suitable Marttiini knife for every situation. The most important thing about a good knife is that it is chosen specifically for the user.

The Finest Traditions


A reliable tool, an admired design piece and a valued gift. All these things come together in the elegant traditional Marttiini knives...

A Desired Gift

Design Knives

Marttiini's gift knives are prestigious and elegant objects of value, but always designed to also work in practice...

The Outdoorman’s Allround Tool


Our outdoor knives have served in the backpacks of hikers for decades as a reliable allround tool and a whittling tool for handy carpenters...

Ease of use

Folding Knives

Our handy folding knives are ideally suited for outdoor activities...

A Hunter’s Knife


Our hunting knives are developed with great attention to the user experience. You can rely on your Marttiini knife in all situations...

For easy filleting


Marttiini’s fishing knives cut off the meat from bones with precision and make filleting easy...

Exquisite kitchen knives


The kitchen knives have been designed with particular attention to their ability to retain their sharpness for long, and the different shapes of the blades, which are suited for a variety of purposes...


Always sharp - High-quality Accessories

Sharpening and Accessories

 The accessories complement Marttiini’s selection with useful solutions for both using and storing the knives...

Custom by Marttiini

Custom by Marttiini

Design your own, unique Custom knife! A custom knife, that is individually designed for someone special, is a precious gift that you can be proud to give. It's a perfect heirloom to pass along from one generation to the next.

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Unique by Marttiini

Unique by Marttiini

These Unique by Marttiini knives are some of the most prestigious knives we have ever made. These knives are designed to be elegant and beautiful collector’s items.

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Valued business gifts

Business Gifts

Marttiini's products have been popular business gifts for decades. The high-quality tools remind the gift recipient of its giver in a positive way. Marttiini business gifts are always delivered in gift boxes – wooden or cardboard according to your choice.


MEF OR8 Folding Knife

Product no.: 970240


New Ice Crystal Damascus

Product no.: 558010W


New Kide Fillet Knife 21

Product no.: 424110


Witch's Tooth

Product no.: 2121010