Use & Care

Use & Care

Use & Care

The Rght Knife for the Use

Whether you are a hiker, someone who enjoys the outdoors, a cook, a carpenter or all of the above, there is a suitable Marttiini knife for every situation. 

Guaranteed Quality

Marttiini’s knives are made to last. This is why we grant our products a three-year guarantee on the part of material and manufacturing errors. Guarantee on the Martef coating is one year.

Blade engraving

Personalize your knife with hand-made blade engraving.

Engraving is made by hand with a small diamond drill.

Mostly used engravings are receivers name and the date or year. The maximum total amount of characters in one knife is 25.

The blade engraving is visible with the products that the engraving is possible.

Write your engraving in the shopping basket into the text field.

How to make a willow whistle

You need:
A fresh branch of green willow, 15 cm long and 2 cm thick.
Marttiini knife.

1. Cut the other side of the tube bevel. This side will be a mouth piece.
2. Make a gap from 2-3 cm from the top.
3. Cut the bark sharply around the tube approx 5-10 cm from the groove.
4. Remove the bark cover carefully by knocking the tube with the knife and
untwist the bark back and forwards. Don’t break the cover.
5. Cut a small piece of wood between the top and the gap.
6. Widen the gap. The sound of the whistle depends on the size of the gap.
7. Push the tube back into the bark cover and Your willow whistle is ready.