Sharpening Tools

Always sharp

Always sharp

Behind the legendary Marttiini sharpness lies a combination of high-quality materials and uncompromising craftsmanship. To keep your knife sharp and ready to work, use a sharpening stone, a sharpening steel or a diamond sharpener to fine tune the cutting edge regularly. 

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Sharpening stone, leather sheath

Product no.: 1511010 27.90

Sharpening stone

Product no.: 1511110 19.90

Sharpening steel

Product no.: 1515110 22.90

Diamond Sharpening Steel

Product no.: 1515111 49.90

Diamond sharpener Pen

Product no.: 1515112 10.00

Diamond sharpener for knives

Product no.: 1515113 16.00

Diamond sharpener Oval

Product no.: 1515114 18.00