Gift Knives

A Desired Gift

A Desired Gift

Marttiini's gift knives are prestigious and elegant objects of value, but always designed to also work in practice. The timeless knives are valued gifts, be it birthday, graduation or Christmas. The junior knives are also great presents. 
Several of the Marttiini gift knives are delivered in elegant wooden gift boxes. 

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Product no.: 558010W 289.00

Marttiini Fox Annual Knife 2019

Product no.: 391010C 69.90

Marttiini 90TH Anniversary Knife

Product no.: 230017C 79.91

Suomi-Finland 100 Anniversary Knife Gold

Product no.: 547020W 7,990.00

Suomi-Finland 100 Anniversary Knife Silver

Product no.: 547019W 399.00

Suomi-Finland 100 Anniversary Knife Bronze

Product no.: 547018W 149.00


Product no.: 126010 79.90

Wild Boar

Product no.: 546013W 159.00

New Witch's Tooth Knife

Product no.: 2121010 139.00

Marttiini Moose Antler Damascus knife

Product no.: 557011W 1,290.00

Eagle Damascus

Product no.: 557012W 399.00

Antler knife

Product no.: 546012W 169.00

Wood Grouse knife

Product no.: 549019W 159.00

Moose knife

Product no.: 547012W 99.00

Suomi-Finland knife

Product no.: 548018W 159.00

Bear Knife

Product no.: 549011W 159.00

Salmon knife

Product no.: 552010W 159.00

Salmon filleting knife

Product no.: 552017W 125.00

Bronze Bird knife

Product no.: 555010W 159.00

Lumberjack reindeer antler knife

Product no.: 127013 79.90

Reindeer Explorer

Product no.: 542014 69.90

Reindeer Explorer Big Game

Product no.: 542015 79.90

Lapp knife with reindeer horn

Product no.: 2230010 99.90

Marttiini Damascus knife

Product no.: 557010W 599.00

Lapp knife 280

Product no.: 280015 229.00