Lynx 131

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A knife model developed by our founder Janne Marttiini in the 1930s.
This knife has remained in the Marttiini range almost continuously since the company was formed in 1928. The years have not reduced its popularity as the king of general purpose knives. This knife continues to be one of Marttiini's best selling knives.

The oldest model of Lynx knives, Lynx 131, is still in production. More than 4 million pieces have been produced in the Lynx series.

A traditional curly birch handle combined with the legendary sharp Lynx blade with the characteristic design feature of the slightly upturned blade tip. The design and decorations on the sheath also reflect our strong northern roots.

An excellent general purpose knife for all outdoor activities!


Additional product information


Length of blade

11 cm

Total length

22 cm


Blade material

stainless steel

Handle material

curly birch, varnished

Sheath material

leather, brown



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Sharpening Stone (leather sheath) Sharpening Stone (leather sheath)
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