Folding Knives

Ease of use

Ease of use

Our handy folding knives are ideally suited for outdoor activities. The design of the folding knives combine Marttiini's traditions, modern design, and excellent ease of use. There are no such things as too sharp and too handy. 

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Product no.: 970240 29.90

New Marttiini MEF8 folding knife

Product no.: 970210 28.90

New Marttiini MEF7 folding knife

Product no.: 970220 26.90

Folding knife MFK-CB CURLY BIRCH

Product no.: 915111 44.90

Folding knife MFK-O OLIVE

Product no.: 913111 39.90

Folding knife MFK-R ROSEWOOD

Product no.: 912111 37.90

New Folding knife Marttiini Black

Product no.: 970110 24.90

New Folding knife Marttiini Black Small

Product no.: 970120 19.90

Folding knife MBL

Product no.: 930112 39.90

Folding knife MBL curly birch

Product no.: 930115 44.90

Leather sheath for folding knives

Product no.: 930212 14.00

Nylon Fabric sheath for folding knives MBL

Product no.: 920212 7.50