Kide Kitchen Set

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This fantastic set includes a Kide Carving Knife and Tomato Knife

Carving Knife is a general kitchen knife for effortless chopping, dicing and cutting. Handy Tomato Knife with a serrated blade cuts clean slices, which makes it an excellent knife for cutting bread and tomato.

The German stainless steel and forged construction make these knives durable and they remain sharp in use. The Santoprene® handle is easy to keep clean and offers a good grip. Ergonomic handle is comfortable to use. 

We recommend hand wash and sharpening with Marttiini sharpeners.

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Additional product information


Length of blade

21 cm / 14 cm

Total length

32,9 cm / 24 cm


182 g / 84 g


Blade material

stainless steel 1.4116

Handle material

rubber (Santoprene)



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