Marttiini was born to thrive in the demanding conditions of the North – and we are committed to taking care of the woods we have roamed since the very beginning. 

Our products endure for generations, and our production runs on renewable energy – but commitments are not boxes to tick off. They are life-long journeys. 

Below, you will find out how our journey is going.


We believe in concrete steps and measurable results.

100 %


In 2021, we became carbon neutral. Still, there is much more we can do. Nevertheless, we are extremely proud of this milestone.

100 %


Our production forms a significant share of our carbon footprint. Currently, our production is running completely on wind power and solar energy provided by our own solar panels.


39 %

Smaller carbon footprint

In 2021, we reduced our carbon footprint by 39 % when compared to 2020. That’s the equivalent of 49 flights around the globe, or 227 flights from Helsinki to New York. 

33 %

Less Material waste

In 2021, we reduced our material waste by 33 % when compared to 2020. By 2025, we want to be able to repurpose 100 % of our waste.

100 %


All of our packaging material is either FSC-certified or recycled. Furthermore, many of our products are already sold without packaging.

100 %


All our wood comes from Finnish sustainably managed and certified forests. That ensures quality and reduces emissions resulting from shipping.


Over the next five years, our commitment to sustainability results in:

0 %


Our recycling process is already effective, as only a fraction of waste goes to the landfill. In the future, we want to have none of our production waste ending up on the landfill.

0 %


Did you know that we sell most of our knives completely without packaging? We are continuously working to reduce the amount of plastic used in our packaging.

ACHIEVED 2021100 %


Our goal is to reduce our carbon emissions to a minimum – and compensate for the emissions we can’t reduce.


Our knives are designed to last from one generation to the next


Giving back to nature with Reforest

We reduce our emissions and strive to do so in the future, as well. What cannot be effectively reduced, we compensate by planting trees with Reforest.



We’ve been actively cutting our emissions – but there’s more we can do. That’s why we have teamed up with the Finnish organization Reforest. Together, we plant forest in Finland’s Forssa. Still young saplings, the trees act as carbon sinks. As the saplings grow, they bind carbon dioxide, the main culprit behind global warming.

Our saplings grow on a wasteland that would be barren without our help. There, the saplings can grow and bloom into forests. Our collaboration with Reforest started in 2021, and together we plant approximately 1,700 trees* per year. One tree binds approximately 259 kg of carbon dioxide during its 55-year rotation time. Trees grow the fastest at the age of 20–50, when they also bind carbon dioxide most effectively. Therefore, Reforest has ensured that the planted trees can grow in peace for at least 60 years.

“It is not yet possible to fully prevent production emissions causing global warming, but they can be compensated for. Therefore, we plant over a thousand trees a year with Reforest.”

We reduce our greenhouse emissions and, what we cannot reduce, we fully compensate for by planting permanent forests in cooperation with Reforest. We plant approximately 1,700 trees a year*, which covers all the emissions generated by our production.

Reforestation is currently the most effective carbon sequestration and emission compensation manner. The forest planted by us is located in Forssa, Finland.

The carbon sequestration capacity of the area planted by us is based on the Natural Resources Institute Finland’s calculation. The calculation takes into account, for example, the prevailing circumstance and the planted tree species. This enables the measuring of the carbon sequestration ability.

*The number of planted trees is based on Reforest’s annual calculations. The carbon footprint calculations were made in cooperation with LCA Consulting Oy. The carbon footprint was calculated in compliance with the GHG Protocol Standards guiding the organizational calculations (scope 1–3).


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