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We’ve been making knives since 1928 – almost a hundred years. During those years, we’ve had the privilege of hearing countless wonderful stories about knives, people, and the outdoors. We thought now would be the perfect moment to share these stories. We hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as we enjoyed hearing them. Stay tuned for more stories to inspire your inner wilderness.


Marttiini's Tips for the Perfect Gift

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Reading time: 3 min. December’s here – and for many, it brings the familiar question: what to get for Christmas presents? With all the options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of Marttiini favorites to make the Holidays a bit less of a hassle.

What to get for Dad, who’s recently got knee-deep into cooking? Or for Mom, whose greatest passion in the world is warming up the sauna? Or for the design-loving partner or the friends who consider themselves hard-core anglers? With so many questions in the air, we’ve compiled a list of six sharp ideas to help you tackle the gift list. 

And just to put it out there: the Holidays don’t necessarily have to mean spending astronomical amounts of money on presents. Gifts come in many shapes and forms – and who says you even have to get presents? However, if you wish to delight your loved ones with long-lasting gifts, this list can be helpful.

Aapa – Beauty and Power Combined

If you want to surprise someone with a versatile knife that pays homage to traditional design, you can’t go wrong with Aapa. With its blade made of forged carbon steel, Aapa has quickly become one of our most popular models. And that’s no wonder! The stylish, burly, and yet so handy Aapa is an excellent candidate for the knife-of-choice for hiking trips, making it a wonderful gift for any friend of the outdoors. The soft carbon steel is easy to sharpen, making Aapa a gift that keeps on giving for years to come. 


Carbon Lapp Knife 240 – A Combination of Carbon Steel and Classic Design

For years, friends of Marttiini had wished for a Lapp knife with a carbon steel blade. Of course, we couldn’t let that wish go unheard. Rapidly rising to the ranks of other all-time favorites from Marttiini, the Carbon Lapp Knife 240 is a sturdy knife – and an ideal Christmas gift for anyone looking for a tough knife for demanding tasks. If you’re looking for a present for someone who likes to carve feather sticks and prepare firewood with a knife, the Carbon Lapp Knife 240 is the way to go.


Deluxe Junior – The Little Hiker’s First Knife

Planning to delight someone young this Christmas? A great gift for a nephew or a godchild, the Deluxe Junior knife is fit for any young hiker or scout. The knife’s finger guard and rounded tip make the Deluxe Junior a safe choice for the first knife – without demeaning its owner! As safe as it is, the Deluxe Junior is still a full-blooded knife whose stainless-steel blade cuts and whittles with ease. 


Martef Skinning Hook – Every Hunter’s Dream Gift

Got friends who hunt? Then this is going to be easy. With features to please any hunter, the Martef Skinning Hook is an absolute beast of a knife. The hook at the back of the knife helps to open the animal without touching the internal organs, while the round shape of the blade ensures that the hide comes off cleanly and intact. Nice and easy! The versatile blade is treated with a Martef coating that reduces friction and deters grime and corrosion. This gift won’t end up gathering dust!


Condor Filleting Knife 19 – The Angler’s Must-Have Tool

Every angler – and every chef! – needs a proper filleting knife. If you are looking for a present for an avid angler or chef, you can’t go wrong with the Condor Filleting Knife 19. An unbeatable tool for preparing fish, the Condor Filleting Knife has a super-flexible 19-centimeter blade made from stainless steel. Like the other knives in the popular Condor series, the Condor Filleting Knife 19 features a textured rubber handle for firm grip and a finger guard for safe use. The Condor Filleting Knife 19 is at its best when preparing fish of about 2-3 kg, but it also works well when slicing vegetables, for instance!

Marttiini Custom – A Wonderfully Unique Gift

You can also surprise a loved one with a gift that’s truly unique – a Marttiini Custom designed together! With our easy-to-use online designer tool, you can combine different high-quality materials to bring together the knife of your dreams. And when it comes to giving gifts, it’s hard to beat the gift of sharing this process with someone close to you. You can give the knife a final touch by adding a blade marking to commemorate a special date, place, or name. It’s all up to you. 

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