Arctic Circle Knife

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A small handy knife for smaller jobs

Marttiini's northern history was the inspiration for this knife. The light coloured sheath and handle are inspired by our bright summer nights and the dark winter months are represented by the dark blade. Lapland is indeed a land of contrasts.

The blade is made of carbon steel that is perfect for carving and is easy to re-sharpen to its original sharpness. Remember to take proper care of your carbon steel knife: always dry the blade carefully after each use and oil the blade with unsalted oil on a regular basis. This will ensure your knife will serve you loyally from one year to the next.



Additional product information


Length of blade

9 cm

Total length

20 cm


Blade material

carbon steel

Handle material

birch, vaxed

Sheath material

leather, brown



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Diamond Sharpener Flat Diamond Sharpener Flat
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