High-quality Accessories

High-quality Accessories

Fish spike, knife rack or gift package: Marttiini’s accessories are as top-notch as the knives. The accessories complement Marttiini’s selection with useful solutions for both using and storing the knives. 

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Marttiini – 90 years history (Finnish)

Product no.: M713301 7.90

Marttiini – 90 years history (English)

Product no.: M713302 7.90

Fire stick

Product no.: 1516110 10.00

Tweezers for fish bones

Product no.: 1514110P 9.90

Magnetic knife bar

Product no.: 1512110 19.90

Diamond sharpener Pen

Product no.: 1515112 10.00

Diamond sharpener for knives

Product no.: 1515113 16.00

Sharpening stone

Product no.: 1511110 19.90

Leather sheath for folding knives

Product no.: 930212 14.00

Nylon Fabric sheath for folding knives MBL

Product no.: 920212 7.50

Wooden gift box

Product no.: P702260 12.90

Wooden gift box - transparent plexi lid

Product no.: P702272 18.90