Marttiini Camping Axe

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Marttiini Camping Axe

Product no.: 1031030

Split firewood with a Marttiini Axe.

Our axe series follow the example set by Marttiini knives.
We combined modern technology with traditional handicraft. The result is a family of three durable and reliable axes.

The Camping Axe have more sturdy and shaped handle. They ensure a safe grip. The blade is heavier, which makes the Camping Axe great for bigger tasks as well. Blade: 600 g.

For materials, we chose quality carbon steel, beautiful ash wood and timeless leather.

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Additional product information

Length of blade
13 x 8 cm
Total length
38,5 cm
Blade material
carbon steel
Handle material
ash wood
Blade cover
leather, brown
830 g

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1 - 1 of 23 results