One with the landscape – the Scout’s Knife and I

Sielunmaisemissa Partiopuukon kanssa – Minnan tarina

Reading time: 3 min. There aren’t many things as pleasant for a knife manufacturer as hearing stories of knives that have been traveling with someone for decades. We at Marttiini also get to hear such stories almost weekly. To us, that is a sign of work well done. For the owners of the knives, it is even more: it is a symbol of shared moments and a sign of continuity. Of how some things will stay the same for years and years. 

One such knife is a Scout’s Knife that has been travelling in the wilderness and on fells for over two decades with Minna. Minna Kakko has hiked since she was a child and got the knife as a gift from her father, who thought that a proper hiker needs proper tools. 

“I have always been an outdoor person – and no wonder, because my father took me on hikes starting from when I was 8 years old. Often, the trips would be several days of hiking on and near fells and sleeping in a tent or in wilderness cabins. When I was 10, my father said he felt we were experienced enough as hikers to get proper knives. So we got Marttiini knives,” laughs Minna. 

Minnan Marttiini Partiopuukko

From a student to an experienced knife user

That is how the Scout’s Knife found its way into Minna’s life. These days, the knife is like an old friend, with habits and characteristics you know like the back of your hand. However, at first, the young hiker had lessons to learn because nobody is born ready. 

“I can clearly remember the first hike I did with the Scout’s Knife. In fact, I have souvenir from it. We were making bark boats together with my sister when, because of my lack of experience, the knife slipped and cut my finger. Crying, I showed the cut to my father who told me not to cry because it would leave a nice scar as a souvenir! And that got me crying even more,” Minna says, laughing. “Although I was sad then, remembering that story now puts a smile on my face.”

(On behalf of Marttiini, we would like to note that we recommend that the youngest hikers use our Junior series knives, which are designed for small hands and have a duller tip, the Condor Junior and Deluxe Junior. With them, things like learning to whittle are easy and safe to do.) 

Although the first encounter with the knife did not go quite as planned, since then it has become a trusted tool and companion to Minna. 

“I don’t think there is a single hike where I did not need the knife! The knife is a versatile tool: you can use it to whittle feather sticks, make a spark, open bags of food and cut rope. In the wilderness, you never know when you will need a knife – that’s why you should always carry one.”


On top of Sokosti (718m), the highest fell in Urho Kekkonen National Park.

Becoming a part of the landscape

The hiking hobby she started as a child keeps on giving. Even though in her teenage years other interests captured her attention for a moment, as an adult Minna returned to her roots as a hiker. She found a hiking partner in her spouse and hikes of several days have become a fixture of their year. 

“There is something in the fells that calls to me. It feels like I belong there, like I am one with the landscape. There, I can also be in peace with my own thoughts, which these days is very refreshing. I also notice that I go back to the same areas where I hiked as child! Maybe I really am one with that landscape,” Minna says.

minna-blogi3_91_1_93_Landscape in Saariselkä, Lapland

In addition to her spouse, there is something else Minna always takes on her hikes – her Scout’s Knife. 

“I have had the knife on every hike ever since my father gave it to me. And why not? It’s a really good knife to use! And if I remember correctly, I’ve never had to sharpen it once – unless my father has serviced it in secret,” laughs Minna.

“The Scout’s Knife has also become a very dear item to me over the years, as it was given to me by my own father. There are many fond memories related to it from various hikes.”

That is exactly the way it is: in the best case a knife is much more than just a practical tool. It can hide many real-life memories and meanings that are a joy to carry with you. Please get in touch if you own a knife that you have had for long and the story of which you would like to share! As said: there aren’t many things as pleasant for a knife manufacturer as hearing stories of knives that have been travelling with someone for decades. 

minna-blogi2_91_1_93_Kuutamokuru, Saariselkä, Lapland

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VS: Sielunmaisemissa Partiopuukon kanssa - Marttiini


Matti Koskenniemi |
VS: Sielunmaisemissa Partiopuukon kanssa - Marttiini
Olisipa Minna saanut Teuvo - Pentti Pakkalan suunnitteleman ja Marttiinin valmistaman oikean partiopuukon (1960 - luvulta, taotun ja teränsä pitävän) Siinä ei todellakaan ollut haittaavia amerikan ¨sormisuojia¨. Minäpä sain rippilahjaksi 1966. Matkassa se on siitä asti ollut jokaisella retkellä niin tunturissa kuin kansallispuistoissakin ( käyty 38:sassa puistossa ja muutamassa luonnonpuistossa). Siis mukana vasta 55 vuotta ja jatkaa matkaa kanssani niin kauan kuin jaksan vaellella ja istuskella nuotiolla.
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