Marttiini – 90 years history (Finnish)

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Marttiini – 90 years of knife making history was published in order to celebrate the 90-year anniversary of Marttiini. It vividly captures both the phases of Marttiini and the Finnish knife making history.

Did you know, that Kierinki knife was named after Janne Marttiini’s home village?

What is the story behind the world’s first filleting knife?

How the era of machines affected knife making?

And how have the used materials changed during the years?

This book reveals answers to these and many other questions. In production of this book, plenty of historical material including pictures, conserved knives, old newspaper articles and employee interviews were carefully studied. The 135 pages of the book offer an interesting insight to history, knife making traditions and marttiinian values. And of course, to the long and continuing journey of the company!

This Marttiini history book is every collector’s, history enthusiast’s and story appreciator’s choice. It is an excellent gift as well.

  • Finnish
  • 135 pages
  • Finnish and English versions available
  • Covers the years 1928-2018
  • Lots of beautiful pictures and interesting historical events included


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