Wanha tehdas, Rovaniemi

Wanha tehdas, Rovaniemi

Wanha tehdas, Rovaniemi

Marttiini’s Wanha tehdas (Old Factory) is located right on the outskirts of Rovaniemi’s center, next to Arktikum.

The building of Marttiini’s Old Factory is an essential part of the history of the city of Rovaniemi. It was finished during the Winter War in 1940, but was nearly destroyed during the Lapland War in the battle of Rovaniemi. The building was miraculously spared from destruction, as a brave young boy, who saw soldiers planting explosives in the building while hiding in the factory’s oven, prevented an attempted detonation. The boy was able to save the building from complete annihilation. The factory was badly burned, however, although soon after the war it was renovated to its former glory. The knife factory continued to operate in these facilities until early 1970s.

After a few decades of quieter times, the building was restored under the supervision of the National Board of Antiquities in 1998, as the refurbishing project for Rovaniemi’s Housing Fair. Marttiini’s factory outlet also returned to its roots at this time, and continues to operate in the building. The Old Factory shop also has a cafeteria and a museum of the factory’s history.

Contact information:
Vartiokatu 32
96200 Rovaniemi

Tel:            0403 110 604
E-mail: wanhatehdas(ät)marttiini.fi

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