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Lynx Knife Forged Blade

The traditional Ilves knife now comes with a steel blade. The steel blade is made of carbon steel and is perfect for carving; it is also easy to sharpen to its original sharpness.

49.90 €

Bronze Bird Damascus

Combining the classic Marttiini Bronze Bird decorated handle with the beautifully patterned Damascus steel blade creates the Bronze Bird Damascus

399.00 €

Topical Products

Here's our suggested knives for hunting and fishing season.

A Hunter’s Knife

A Hunter’s Knife

Our hunting knives are developed with great attention to the user experience. Feedback from countless experienced hunters has been transferred into the properties and functionality of the knives. Marttiini's handles give a good grip under any conditions. With a Marttiini on your belt, you can always be sure you made the right choice.

For easy filleting

For easy filleting

Marttiini’s fishing knives cut off the meat from bones with precision and make filleting easy. They have served fishers and cooks for several decades now. The extraordinarily sharp and flexible blade follows the form of the fish perfectly.

A Desired Gift

A Desired Gift

Marttiini's gift knives are prestigious and elegant valuables, designed to work in practice also. Several Marttiini gift knives are delivered in gorgeous wooden gift boxes. The timeless knives are valued gifts, be it birthday, graduation or Christmas. The junior knives are also great as presents. 

Big Lynx

A man-sized knife made in honour of the 110th anniversary of the birth of our founder Janne Marttiini.

79.90 €

Most popular products

Filleting knife Classic Superflex 4"

The new, super flexible blade for even smoother filleting of fish.

24.90 €

Filleting knife Classic Superflex 6"

The new, super flexible blade for even smoother filleting of fish.

29.90 €

Filleting knife Classic Superflex 7,5"

The new, super flexible blade for even smoother filleting of fish.

34.90 €

Filleting knife Condor 4"

The patented design of the Condor series, featuring the textured rubber handle and the finger guard, ensure a firm grip of the knife even in difficult conditions.

28.90 €