Marttiini Annual Knife 2015

Marttiini Annual knife 2015

The Marttiini traditional knife model Lynx has been in production for more than 80 years. 
The year 2015 is celebrated with a magnificent double knife that reflects the transition of traditions
from father to son, from mother to daughter.
Top sharp knives are made in Rovaniemi, in Finnish Lapland,
with the professional workmanship of skilled people.

131011P - Marttiini Annual Knife 2015




The moose - born among the stars of the sky.

Ultra-fast, too fast for hunters.
Big, awesome and mythical horned head,
the king of the forest.

546012W - Antler in wooden gift box


MARTTIINI KITCHEN VINTRO: New high-quality kitchen knives


The sharp, high quality Marttiini VINTRO kitchen knife is the basic tool for any cook. Cutting bread, meat, fish and vegetables is easy when tools are wisely chosen. The elegant and rubust, fully forged Marttini VINTRO is made of high-quality German 1.4116 stainless steel. The VINTRO series has 10 different knives to choose from.

VINTRO is Esperanto language and means winter.


401110 - Curved paring knife 23,90 €

402110 - Vegetable knife  23,90

403110 - Utility knife 14 cm 27,90 €

404110 - Filleting knife  34,90 €

405110 - Utility knife 21 cm  37,90 €

406110 - Carving knife 37,90 €

407110 - Bread knife 37,90 €

408110 - Chef´s knife 16 cm 39,90 €

409110 - Santoku knife 44,90 €

410110 - Chef´s knife 21cm 44,90 €



MARTTIINI ANNUAL KNIFE 2014: Marttiini Aurora Borealis 2014


The Northern lights - Aurora Borealis - frequently light up the winter sky in Finland.

The Finnish word "Revontulet" - the fox fire - is originated from an ancient story:

a fox runs across the arctic landscape and lights up the sky with the sparks flying from its tail.

554016P - Marttiini Aurora Borealis 2014


New folding knives!


Five new Marttiini folding knives!

940110 - Folding Lynx R (rubber)

940115 - Folding Lynx W (curly birch)

945110 - Folding knife Polar R (rubber)

945115 - Folding knife Polar W (curly birch)

960110 - Folding handy (aluminium)



Marttiini 85 Anniversary Knife


This prestige knife model has been brought back in order to honor Marttiini's 85th anniversary.
This anniversary knife is a limited edition, 1000 pieces.
Every knife is numbered and thus an unique collector's piece

150050 - Marttiini 85 Anniversary Knife



Wood Grouse


Wood grouse is the king of the birds living in the Finnish forests.
This handsome bird is one of the most valued creatures in the Finnish fauna.
Male bird's characteristic feature, striking red eyebrow, plays an important role also in this beautiful knife.

549019W - Wood Grouse in a wooden gift box



New Arctic series

New series with handle made of Finnish curly birch.
Carving knife Arctic is an excellent all-purpose knife.
Handy tools for fishermen: Fisherman's knife and a fish fork.
Natural colored leather sheath is included.

535010 - Carving knife Arctic
535012 - Fisherman's knife Arctic
535013 - Fish fork Arctic
1482032 - Fisherman's set Arctic


Marttiini Annual Knife 2013


Inspired by the ancient tales from Lapland.
The drum at the end of the handle - made of reindeer horn bone - drives away bad spirits
and protects the user. The knife is decorated with old Lappish figures that have been used
at the magical drums of Lappish shamans.
Every knife is a unique piece: numbered and manufactured only for one year, 2013.

2122010P - Marttiini Annual Knife 2013 in a wooden gift box